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標題: 軸壓作用下之方形薄殼柱挫屈應力有限元素法分析
Buckling Stress of Thin Square Column Under Axial Compression by Finite Element Method
作者: 陳彥邦
Chen, Yan-Bang
關鍵字: Axial Compression;軸壓;Thin Square Column;Finite Element Method;方形薄殼柱;有限元素法
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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The main purpose of this paper is to explore the buckling deformation patterns and the buckling stress of the thin square column subject toaxial force. Using three-dimentional elastic stability variational principle derived three-dimentional finite element model of elastic stability analysis. The analysis results of buckling deformation and stress is considered column fixed at both ends boundary conditions, differ length L, two sides of rectangle H and the thickness t of the thin square column. The regression formula of buckling stress is established by considering multiple parameter of analysis results. Established by finite element method analysis results through comparison with the thin cylindrical shells and plate buckling theory can be found in three of the buckling stress than the power is proportional to the thickness and width (radius), and the deformation thin square column axial wave deformation buckling and plate buckling deformation is similar, followed by side the value closer.
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