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標題: 微型表面聲波致動器驅動光學鏡頭之可行性研究
A feasibility study of miniaturized surface acoustic wave actuator to drive optical lens
作者: 翁揚智
Wang, Yang-Jr
關鍵字: Surface acoustic wave;表面聲波;coupling of model;finite element method;模態耦合模型;有限元素法
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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The cell phone market request the new cell phone become smaller, so the cell phone designer restrict every component's volume which inside the cell phone. The main stream of auto-focus actuator of cell phone is voice coil motor (VCM). But the output force of VCM will decrease proportionally when it was miniaturized. The paper introduces the surface acoustic wave (SAW) motor to satisfy the auto-focus function of smaller cell phone.
The output force of SAW motor can be expected by simulation model. But the important parameter called normal displacement amplitude of surface particle can be found only by laser Doppler vibrometer. The paper can be separate into two parts. The first, use coupling of model (COM) and finite element method (FEM) to obtain the parameter which is 25.5nm and 40.3nm. The second, taking the result into the simulation model to discuss the relationship between inter digital transducer type, applied voltage, stator size, slider size, projection geometry and the SAW motor output force. The paper contributes a consultation to SAW motor designer.
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