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標題: Measurements and simulation of local scour at nonuniform cylindrical piers
作者: Shi, Zhong-Zhi
關鍵字: 馬蹄形渦流;vortex;非均勻圓柱橋墩;局部沖刷;non-uniform piers;local scour
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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在定量流沖刷模擬方面,本研究修改Mia and Nago (2003) 均勻橋墩沖刷模式,考慮墩前渦流與泥沙傳輸理論,針對定量流作用下未裸露之非均勻圓柱橋墩沖刷行為,提出一計算模式,以模擬其完整之沖刷歷程,並加入Melville (1996)之試驗資料進行模式之檢定與驗證,以提升模式之實用性。

Many rivers in Taiwan have steep slope gradients and rapid flows. The flow stages usually vary rapidly during the typhoon or storm periods for these rivers, causing severe upstream watershed soil erosion, landslide and high river sediment concentration. Dangerous bridge events are common in Taiwan in recent years after the Chi-Chi Earthquakes. For example, the Houfeng Bridge failure due to Typhoon SINLAKU led to severe traffic and economical damages. Therefore, there is an urgent need to conduct bridge scour research.
In this study, different types of steady and unsteady flow hydrographs, with non-uniform piers were used to conduct the laboratory bridge scouring experiments. The variations of local scour depth with different exposure elevations and pier ratios were investigated in the experiments, and an equilibrium scour depth prediction equation was proposed.
In regard to the steady flow scour simulation, the Mia and Nago's (2003) model for the uniform pier was modified with consideration of the primary vortex concept and the volumetric sediment transport theory to simulate the entire scouring process at non-uniform piers with a discontinuous surface below the initial bed level. To increase the practicality of the model, Melville's (1996) laboratory data were included in the model verification and validation.
In addition, by analyzing experimental data with steady flows, a scheme is proposed to calculate the temporal variation of scour depth with unsteady flows. In general, the simulated results based on the proposed methods correspond well with the experimental data.
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