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標題: CMP細進給系統之微定位模糊控制和力量控制
Fuzzy Control and Force Control for a CMP Micropositioning System
作者: 詹宗霖
關鍵字: 模糊控制;前饋補償;力量控制;壓電致動器;遺傳演算法;磁滯補償;微定位
出版社: 機械工程學系

Precision motion control is indispensable for many high technology and precision industries. This thesis is aimed at the modeling and control of a CMP fine drive system using a piezoceramic actuator. First, the mathematical model of the system considering the elastic effects is derived. Then a fuzzy control and a force control for the CMP fine system are proposed. A real-coded genetic algorithm is also used to search the optimal consequent parameters of the zero-order TSK fuzzy controller.
The force control law is derived based on the desired polishing dynamic force requirement. Computer simulations are presented to validate the proposed control strategies. In the fuzzy control case, the Preisach model is used for simulating the hysteresis effect of the piezoelectric actuator, and feedforward hysteresis compensation is also considered to compensate for the nonlinear hysteresis effect. Simulation results show that the proposed control strategies have good performance for the CMP fine control.
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