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標題: 粒子群最佳化方法於連續系統振動資料之補遺模型
Particle swarm optimization approach to the discovery of the vibratory data of the continuous system
作者: 王心怡
Wang, Hsin-Yi
關鍵字: 粒子群最佳化演算法;particle swarm optimization;誤差;蒙地卡羅;常態分布;Monte Carlo technique;missing data
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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The safety monitoring is a necessity in the calamities precaution of the structure failure. This is usually by applying the long-term observation and record to evaluate the structural integrity. In practice, the data missing and destroying in the long-term monitoring are unavoidable. This leads the incompleteness of data collection. Incompleteness of data may deduce an unreliable result. Thus a strategy for data mining is proposed. The approach is focused on digging out the missing data using the particle swarm optimization. The feasibility of the proposed approach is tested by experimentation simulation using Monte Carlo technique. It concludes that the subject strategy for data mining is valid and good for the discovery of vibratory data of the continuous system.
其他識別: U0005-2107201114124800
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