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標題: 潛堤與海堤間波流場特性之數值模擬
Numerical simulations on waves between a Submerged Breakwater and a Seawall
作者: 馬煒倫
Ma, Wei-Lun
關鍵字: Submerged Breakwater;潛堤
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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本研究探討潛堤與不同距離直立堤間對波高水位變化之影響及其波流場狀態,和不同水深對潛堤後方設置直立堤之波高水位與波流場變化。採用 RNG k-ε(Renormalized Group k-ε) 紊流模式模擬波場中之紊流傳輸,以求解非定常雷諾平均方程式(Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes Equation, RANS) 之控制方程式,選擇FLOW-3D流體動力計算軟體進行模擬。經由Garcia et al.(2001) 和 Rivero et al. (1998) 實驗數據與本研究數值模擬比較之結果,顯示本研究之模擬結果具有良好的精確性。研究結果顯示,波浪通過潛堤後,受後方直立堤反射影響,入射波與反射波交會形成重複波,重複波波峰位置因兩堤間距不同而有變化,於潛堤附近不同位置時,水流匯集情況會產生不同的變化,造成兩堤間距為0.25倍和0.75倍波長時,波高較高,同時水位也對應有較高的現象。

In this study, a numerical simulation was presented to investigate the variations of wave height and water level between a submerged breakwater and a vertical seawall. The study also investigated how different flow depths affected wave height, water level, and wave condition between a submerged breakwater and a vertical seawall. Application of Renormalized Group k-Ɛ turbulence model to simulate turbulent transmission of waves was used to solve the control equation of Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes Equation (RANS), selecting FLOW-3D fluid dynamics to calculate and analyze the simulation of the system. After comparison with Gracia et al.(2004) experiment and simulation results, this simulation showed nice accuracy. The numerical simulation results show that the clapotis wave system forms between the submerged breakwater and the vertical seawall due to reflected wave from the vertical seawall. When the incident wave and reflection wave meet at different depths of submerged breakwaters, the water collects in different ways, resulting in higher wave height when the distance between the submerged breakwater and the vertical seawall is 0.25 and 0.75 times the wave length. The spatial variation of water set-up behind submerged breakwater is similar to that of the wave height.
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