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標題: 大安溪出海口河段揚塵懸浮微粒PM10之數值模擬
Numerical Simulation on Suspended Fine Particulate PM10 of Fugitive Dust at Ta-An River near Estuary
作者: 尤國任
Yu, Kuo-Jen
關鍵字: fugitive dust model(FDM);揚塵模式(FDM);fugitive dust of riverbed;PM10 consistency;河川揚塵;PM10濃度
出版社: 土木工程學系所
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本文旨以FDM(Fugitive Dust Model)溢散性懸浮微粒模式,藉由歷年區域氣象資料,模擬大安溪出海口河段揚塵溢散行為機制,以了解揚塵受體區域PM10等濃度分佈範圍。因河川揚塵屬線性區域懸浮微粒污染行為,係屬高斯擴散運動模式,不同於光化學反應之氣態(NOX、VOC)或惰性污染物(SO2);因此本研究遂採用FDM (Fugitive Dust Model) 溢散性懸浮微粒模式作為研究方法,其內容主以氣象資料之風向、風速、溫度、大氣混合層等要素,輔以資料統計標準差σ(含線性、多項式、對數迴歸)篩選適用資料,模擬懸浮微粒行進區域之PM10等濃度分佈曲線,研究中更進而假設相關參數,分析各種參 數輸入與模擬結果之相關性,了解參數影響行為。本研究成果顯示風向、風速與PM10等濃度關係相連,當受體點位於污染源下風處,則受體點離污染源越近PM10濃度數值越高,風向越偏向受體點PM10濃度數值越高。

This thesis is based on Fugitive Dust Model (FDM) to ascertain the consistency of the suspended fine particulate PM10 distributed in the study area, the mouth of Da-an River, by the simulation of the behavior of fugitive dust according to the area meteorological observation. River fugitive dust is particle pollutant in a liner area, a kind of Gaussian model, and it is different with gaseity (NOX, VOC) or inert pollutant (SO2) by photochemical reaction. Therefore, this paper simulates the distribution of PM10 in the particle marching region by the FDM, according to the meteorological data, such as wind direction, wind velocity, atmospheric temperature, and atmospheric mixing layers, etc. The standard deviation Sigma σ base on the including linear regression, polynomial regression and log regression are adopted to select the proper meteorological data. The simulated results show that the concentration of PM10 is significantly related with the wind direction and wind velocity. When the subject place is located on the downwind of the pollution source, the consistency number of PM10 is higher if the subject place is closer to the pollution source, and the same result if the wind velocity much veer the subject place.
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