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標題: 鋼索安全裝置設計探討
A Study of Safety Device Design for Cable
作者: 何玉釧
Ho, Yu- Chuan
關鍵字: Cable;鋼索;Safety Device;Failure-to-Safety;安全裝置;安全確定論
出版社: 機械工程學系

Because of the changes in the society environment, many high building surround us, and people become more dependent on the elevators, so the safety of the elevator should not be neglected. The most dangerous situation is the broken of cable. It leads to death and injury of people. The purpose of this research is to design a safety devices for cable. When the primary cable is broken, safety equipment will function to catch the elevator as still while waiting for assistance.
This research refers to many patents of safety devices, and present two feasible designs that are three roller and four connecting rod self-locking safety devices. The principle function of these two inventions is to clamp another safety rope to fasten the platform if the primary cable suddenly breaks. In this article , several applications also have been studied to estimate the values of critical dimensions, and to offer the evaluation and improvement of Failure-to-Safety for single safety device and overall system respectively. With the help drawing of the system fault tree, related causes can readily be clarified.
Finally, based on the design concept, scale-reduced models have been provided to verify the practical functions and reliabilities.
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