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標題: 特徵編碼為基之交談式NC程式設計
Feature-Coding Based Interactive NC Programming
作者: 張書祥
hsiung, Chang shu
關鍵字: object-oriented programming;物件導向;feature-coding based;NC code generation;feature parameter;特徵為基;NC碼產生;特徵參數
出版社: 機械工程學系
本論文係針對2.5D平面工件之加工,利用物件導向程式(Object-Oriented Programming)建構原則及特徵編碼為基(Feature-Coding Based)的設計概念,來發展一套簡易、有效率的NC(Numerical Control)碼自動產生程式。
此程式是將特徵加工順序編碼輸入後,在依序產生的對話盒中輸入特徵參數(Feature Parameters)及加工條件,最後產生特徵圖形以作參考是否為所要的製造特徵,且產生相對應之加工NC碼。其中,並檢查使用者輸入之特徵參數數值,判斷是否滿足空間幾何條件及其合理性,若不合理將給予提示修正,以排除錯誤銑削情形的發生。

To manufacture a 2.5 D workpiece, using the object-oriented programming and the feature-coding based method, the object of this thesis is to develop a system for automatic generation of NC (Numerical Control) code and the system is efficient and easy to use.
According to working sequences, features are coded and the corresponding dialog boxes are poped up for inputs of feature parameters and parameters of working conditions. Then, the feature drawings are generated to examine if they match the required manufacturing features. Finally, the corresponding machining NC code is generated. During the coding process, the values of feature parameters are examined on the geometric constraints and working conditions. If there are any mistakes, the system will send signals to the user for correction. The error conditions will be eliminated.
All of the procedures are recorded in the output text file, which also shows the coding symbols and parameter values. Further examination can assure the correctness of parameter values and NC code. Also, the text file provides the source of input as basic data for further modifications. Eventually, foolproof NC code is generated as the final result.
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