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標題: 聲射訊號應用於高速進給平台螺桿預拉及預壓特性之研究
Study of AE Signals for Ball Screw Pretension and Preload Characteristic on Feed Drive Table
作者: 高世承
Kao, Shih-Chen
關鍵字: Ball screw;滾珠導螺桿;Pretension loss;Acoustic Emission Sensor;Fast Fourier Transform;Class mean scatter criteria;預拉失效;聲射感測器;快速傅立葉轉換;群組分離準則
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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工具機內的傳動元件「滾珠導螺桿」會因溫升產生熱變位,而影響加工精度,所以需要對螺桿作預拉。本篇研究論文主要目的是想找出一種能判別滾珠導螺桿預拉失效的方法。預拉螺桿會直接影響的軸承,因此,藉由聲射(AE)感測器能接收材料物理波的特性,將其裝置在軸承座上,藉由預拉螺桿時會擠壓軸承,間接從軸承座上擷取訊號,並以不斷改變預拉量的方式反覆預拉螺桿來增加實驗重置性;使用快速傅立葉轉換(FFT),將時域訊號轉至頻譜訊號,並透過群組分離準則(Class mean scatter criteria)找出不同預拉下頻譜訊號間的差異量,挑選差異量最大的頻寬的波幅作能量加總來判別預拉之狀態。能量值越大代表預拉越大,實驗以預拉20μ、10μ、0μ,所以預拉20μ的波幅能量加總值是最大,而0μ是最小。實驗中,採用六種不同螺桿轉速,分別為300rpm、600 rpm、1500 rpm、1800 rpm、2700 rpm、3000 rpm ;以及三種不同螺帽預壓力,數值大小分別是最大額定動態負載的2%、4%、6%,然後將以上這些參數一併作分析探討。

The transmission component of machine tool, ball screw, will have thermal deformation due to temperature raised. It will reduce the precision of machine tool, so ball screw should be pretension. This study tries to find a method to predict pretension loss of ball screw. From some relevant scientific papers and experimental experiences, we learned that ball screw pretension should have influence on bearing. An Acoustic Emission Sensor with the feature of being able to detect elastic wave on solid material is mounted on the bearing seat. It can indirectly capture signal from the bearing seat when bearing is being compressed by pretension. Different magnitudes of ball screw pretension are tested during the experiment. Besides, time domain signal is transferred to frequency domain signal by using Fast Fourier Transform. Then through the Class mean scatter criteria, we can identify the differences among the frequency domain signals under different pretensions, and then selected the most different frequency range to calculate its sum of amplitude so as to determine the state of pretension. Total energy was bigger means that ball screw has bigger pretension. There were three magnitudes of pretension in experiment, 20μ, 10μ, 0μ.The sum of amplitude of pretension 20μ is the biggest and pretension 0μ is the smallest. In the experiment, six different ball screw rotational speeds, i.e. 300rpm, 600rpm, 1500rpm, 1800rpm, 2700rpm, 3000rpm and three kinds of preload, i.e. 2%, 4% and 6% of the ball screw maximum rating dynamic loading are taken into account for the discussion and analysis.
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