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標題: 射出成型機安全性能探討
The study of Safety Performance For Injection Moulding Machines
作者: 陳璟忠
Chen, Ching-Chung
關鍵字: 射出成型機;injection-molding machine;安全規範;認證程序;人因工程學;safety standards;authorization systems;Human factors engineering and ergonomics
出版社: 機械工程學系

In EC and Northern American, the safety of injection-molding machine is regulated to compel for its dangerous operation. However, the safety standard and regulations of injection-molding machines are not found in this nation firmly. Therefore, the operation of this machine can not protect and the operators exposed themselves to the highly caution environment. The main purpose of this study is planned to draw up the manuscripts of safety standard of injection-molding machine as well as promoted the safety concept to the manufacturers and users.
This study is done by collecting and classifying the relative safety standards, regulations, and authorization systems of the injection-molding machine from the developed countries. Also, many injection-molding machine factories that include the manufactures and uses are investigated. The product performance is them used to build the safety regulations with 「Human factors engineering and ergonomics」.
The safety regulations and examination methods of the injection-molding machine is drawn up locally to improve the operation environment. To confirm the safety request, the safety checklist is dressed with experimental conduct on 4 type machines. The results shown the injection-molding machine that based on the safety test can make the machine safer under any kind of circumstances. The test standard contents and authorization issue implemental system are also suggested.
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