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標題: CNC電腦油壓沖床最佳伺服參數之探討
A Probe into the Optimal Servo Parameters of CNC Punch Press
作者: 褚長興
Chu, Chang-Hsing
關鍵字: CNC Punch Press;CNC沖床;Servo Parameter;Contour-accuracy;Taguchi Method;伺服參數;動態輪廓精度;田口法
出版社: 機械工程學系
本研究以台勵福公司所生產的HP-1500型CNC電腦沖床,使用日本FANUC公司出品的18-PC控制器來做為探討的對象。此外,藉由Renishaw QC-10 Ballbar System的量測,以真圓度、垂直誤差與伺服增益的協調性做為動態輪廓精度表現的判斷依據。研究中引入田口法,針對影響動態輪廓精度表現的控制器參數加以探討,試圖找出最具關鍵性的參數,尋求最佳之參數組合,使電控系統與機械部分得以相互配合,獲得最佳之表現,真正達到機電整合的目的,進而改善CNC沖床的動態輪廓精度。

As the technology that changes with each passing day, the punch press also has stepped into the new age of computerization and high-speed techniques. But it produces some problems of dynamic characteristic and positioning accuracy between each axis. Adjusting the parameters of the servo controller is the best way to get instant results without making changes in the design of mechanism when you face with such problem.
This research adopts Tailift HP-1500 CNC turret punch press equipped with FANUC-18PC controller as the subject. Besides, the circularity, suqareness error and servo coordination measuring by way of the Renishaw QC-10 Ballbar System are used as indicators to judge the performance of contour-accuracy. Taguchi Method is also adopted to probe into the parameters of servo controller that influence the performance of contour-accuracy in this research. In the meantime, to find out the key parameter and the best level combination, acquire a good match between the control system and the machine. It could be obtained the best performance and reached the goal of mechanical and electrical integration. Finally, the contour-error of the CNC punch press will be improved.
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