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標題: 方柱於限制流場中之數值模擬
A Numerical Study of Confined Flow Around a Square Cylinder
作者: 王振忠
Wang, Jeng-Jong
關鍵字: Cylinder;方柱;Confined Flow;限制流場
出版社: 機械工程學系

受阻力,渦流脫落現象及尾流型態等。本文應用了流體力學SIMPLE (
Semi-Implicit Method for Pressure-Linked Equation )方法對上述問
,2.0,3.0,4.5) 加以探討。數值結果發現,當h/d>0.7時,在方柱後方
兩端會有交互渦流脫落的情形,其平均阻力係數 隨h/d之增加而愈緩慢變
小,而平均升力係數 則隨h/d之增加而由負值漸漸驅近至0(h/d=4.5)。在

ABSTRACTThe major goal of this paper is to study the
characteristics of flow past a single square cylinder that is
placed in a horizontal channel. The fluid dynamic SIMPLE (Semi-
Implicit Method for Pressure-Linked Equation) was employedto
solve the governing equations to obtain the drag and lift force
of the cylinder. The vortex shedding phenomena and the
associated wake patterns wereexamined. The calculations were
performed at a fixed Reynold number of 1000 based on the side of
the cylinder. The vertical distance between the center
ofcylinder and the bottom wall of the channel was varied in the
range 0.5 behind the cylinder for 0.7 to 0.13. For 0.7 slowly decrease with increasly h/d, and the lift coefficient
increase with increasly h/d. At h/d=0.5,the flow appeared to be
steady withoutany form of vortex shedding, causing a much lower
and higher than other casesof larger h/d.
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