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標題: Y型結構微混合器之旋轉可視化實驗
Visualization of mixing in rotating microchannels with Y-junction
作者: 許晉嘉
Shiu, Jin-Jia
關鍵字: Image Restoration;影像還原;Mixing Efficiency;微流體晶片;混合量化
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本研究主要針對在旋轉情形之下的微流體晶片,觀察流體混合的現象。實驗採用微機械加工技術於直徑10 cm的透明光面壓克力碟片上製作微流體晶片。微流體晶片上包含儲液槽、毛細閥門開關、Y型連接流道和圓型混合槽。實驗利用步進馬達旋轉實驗晶片驅動流體,經由定位裝置輸出觸發訊號,同步啟動CCD 攝影機擷取影像。觀察過程中,因為CCD 攝影機的快門不足(1/12000 s),使得記錄下來的影像再叫高轉速時出現模糊影像。本研究利用影像處理的技術,使用維納濾波器對模糊影像還原改善,而得到不錯的結果。同步影像的結果顯示,兩種實驗流體氯化鐵與硫氰化氨於圓型混合槽中,混合槽的設計能提升混合效益10~20%,且順時鐘旋轉比逆時鐘旋轉差異更大,逆時鐘旋轉的混合效益隨轉速上升而有些微的下降,混合效益大約在70~75%,而順時鐘旋轉的混合效益在240及300 rpm比較低,轉速至360 rpm以上混合效益也提升至70~80%。

This study reports flow visualization results of fluid mixing in centrifugal pumping microfluidics. The microfluidic system was fabricated on a PMMA disk of 10 cm in diameter. The system mainly consists of two reservoirs for fluids of ferric chloride and ammonium thiocyanate solutions, two capillary valves, Y-junction microchannels of 300 μm in width and a cylindrical mixing chamber of 1.6 mm in diameter. The disk is driven by a step motor and the visualization of the mixing is acquired using an image-capturing unit that is in synchronization with the motion of disk. Due to the limited shutter speed (that was highest at 1/12000 s for the present experiment) of the CCD camera used in the image-capturing unit, the images recorded for a larger rotational speed may result in blur. The digitized blur images have been resolved using the Wienner filter technique. The de-blurred pictures can be utilized for quantifying the mixing efficiency of the flow. Quantification of mixing efficiency is based on the gray scale values resulted from the change of color when the two test fluids come to contact each other. It is found that the mixing efficiency can reach as much as 70-75% for counter-clock rotation at all the speeds presented. For clock-wise rotation, the mixing efficiency can also reach a value of 70-80% except for lower rotational speeds of 230 and 300 rpm. These values of mixing efficiency increase by 10-20% as compared with those values measured at the inlet to the mixing chamber. Moreover, the cases of clock-wise rotation appear to larger increment of the mixing efficiency than the cases of counter-clock rotation.
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