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標題: NNO-三牙硐亞胺之二價銅錯合物的合成與鑑定及其在光動力療法之應用
Synthesis and Characterization of Cu(II) Complexes of NNO-Tridentate Ketiminate Ligands : Their Application in Photodynamic Therapy
作者: 梁正軒
Liang, Cheng-Hsuan
關鍵字: 光動力療法;Photodynamic Therapy;光裂解;Photocleavage
出版社: 化學系所
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以NNO-三牙酮亞銨(Ln-H , n=1 - 5)與聯吡啶共配位基,合成一系列的二價銅錯合物[Cu(L4)B](ClO4) (B= bpy ,4a;phen ,4b;dpq ,4c;dppz ,4d;dppn ,4e)、[Cu(L4)(OAc)] (4f) 、[Cu(Ln)dppz](ClO4) (n=1- 5;1d - 5d)、[Cu(Ln)dppn](ClO4) (n=1 - 5;1e - 5e)。利用元素分析儀、X-ray單晶繞射儀、UV-vis吸收光譜儀、液相層析質譜儀鑑定錯合物之結構。以紫外光(365 nm)與藍光(430 nm)為燈源,探討錯合物之DNA光裂解活性與反應機制,並進一步對錯合物4d與4e於鱗狀上皮細胞癌(SCC15)探討細胞實驗,了解其細胞毒性、作用機制、死亡形式以及對細胞所帶來的影響,期許在生物醫藥方面有更好的應用性。

A series of copper(II) complexes [Cu(L4)B](ClO4) (B= bpy, 4a; phen, 4b; dpq, 4c; dppz, 4d; dppn, 4e), [Cu(L4)(OAc)] (4f), [Cu(Ln)dppz](ClO4) (n=1- 5;1d - 5d), [Cu(Ln)dppn](ClO4) (n=1 - 5 ; 1e - 5e) supported on NNO-tridentate ketiminate ligands (Ln-H , n=1 - 5) have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, X-ray crystal structural, UV-Vis spectroscopy and LC/MS. Their activity on photocleavage of DNA and the mechanism for the photocleavage of DNA is also investigated under UVA light (365 nm) and blue light (430 nm) has been studied. For the better application in biomedical, celluar experiments in SCC15 cells show the cytotoxicity, mechanism, pathway of the cell death and the influence on cells with 4d and 4e.
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