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標題: NNO三芽Schiff Base之二價銅錯合物在DNA光裂解和光細胞毒性的研究
Photo-Induced DNA Cleavage Activity and Remarkable Photocytotoxicity of Cu(II) Complexes with NNO- Schiff Base Ligands
作者: 邱進益
Chiu, Chin-I
關鍵字: Photocytotoxicity;DNA光裂解;Photo-Induced DNA Cleavage;光細胞毒性;三芽Schiff Base
出版社: 化學系所
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以NNO-Schiff base (Ln-H, n = 3–5)與聯吡啶,合成一系列二價銅錯合物3a - 5e [Cu(Ln)B](ClO4) (B= bpy, phen, dpq, dppz, dppn ),利用元素分析儀、X-ray單晶繞射儀、UV-vis吸收光譜儀、液相層析質譜儀鑑定錯合物之結構。利用紫外光(365nm)與藍光(430nm)照射,探討錯合物DNA光裂解活性與反應機制,進一步對錯合物於鱗狀上皮細胞癌(SCC15)、小鼠纖維瘤細胞(L929)與人類子宮頸癌細保(HeLa)進行細胞實驗,了解其進入細胞後照光與否的毒性變化,期許在生物醫藥方面有更佳的應用性。

A series of copper(II) complexes [Cu(L)B](ClO4)] (B= bpy; phen; dpq; dppz; dppn) with NNO-tridentate Schiff base ligands (L3-L5) have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, UV-Vis, IR and LC/MS spectroscopic methods as well as X-ray crystal structural studies. Their activity and mechanism toward DNA photo-induced cleavage are also investigated under UVA light (365 nm) and blue light (430 nm) condition. Furthermore, complexes 3e-5e show high photo-induced cytotoxicity by cellular experiments in HeLa、SCC-15 and L929 cancer cells. Among them, 3e has the highest photo/dark cytotoxicity ratio of 348 in SCC-15 cells under visible light (430 nm) indicating it is a highly potential drug for photodynamic therapy.
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