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標題: 二維電子中反量子線之高頻磁傳輸特性
High-frequency magnetotransport properties of anti-wires in a two-dimensional electron system
作者: 陳君豪
Chen, Chun-Hao
關鍵字: anti-wire;反量子線;2DEG;High-frequency;二維電子氣;高頻
出版社: 物理學系所
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我們設計一反量子線結構於GaAs/AlGaAs異質結構的二維電子系統基板,上面並有一共平面波導用於微波偵測元件,並且利用脈衝調變之高頻訊號量測微波振幅和相位變化。在整數量子霍爾平台,例如ν=1和ν=2等處,觀察到有除了SdH以外的特殊吸收峰,應該和反量子線(anti-wire)結構影響下的邊緣態(edge state)電子行為有關。並且比較縱向電導率與溫度的關係,再進一步的討論,取部分實驗數據和古典理論做比較,觀察到相同趨勢的結果。

We present the experimental observation of radio-frequency(RF) resoponse in magnetic fields(B) of two anti-wire structure samples, which are fabricated from a two-dimensional electron gas in a GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructrue by e-beam lithography and wet etching processes.These wires are embedded in the gap of a 50Ω meandering coplanar waveguide defined by photolithography on the surface of the GaAs substrate. The edge magneto-plasma (EMP) excitation can be clearly observed in the quantum-Hall-plateau regime in our experiments. The result of the edge state on the EMP of the anti-wire structure will be reported.
其他識別: U0005-2208200719094900
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