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標題: 氮化鋁奈米線之歐姆接點製作與低頻雜訊特性
Fabrications of ohmic contacts and properties of low-frequency noise of AlN nanowires
作者: 黃少毓
Huang, Saow-Yu
關鍵字: AlN;氮化鋁;ohmic;contact;nanowire;low frequency;noise;歐姆接點;奈米線;低頻;雜訊
出版社: 物理學系所
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本實驗的氮化鋁奈米線上的電極由電子微影技術完成和舉離過程與熱退火的方法。我們成功地利用 Ti/Al 與 Al 材料,製造出氮化鋁奈米線歐姆接點,並且仔細地測量氮化鋁奈米線在室溫下的 1/f 的雜訊特性與 Lorentzian 雜訊特性。
由本實驗的 Lorentzian 雜訊我們可得到時間常數,再利用Arrhenius公式,得到在室溫到275k,對應到0.3nA與1.2nA的電流中,活化能為541meV。

We report the fabrication and the electrical properties of ohmic contacts for AlN nanowires (NWs) devices. Although AlN possesses superior properties in many aspects, its high energy gap makes it difficult to fabricate ohmic contacts. Prior to this study, comparatively little experiments were conducted about the ohmic contacts and electrical properties of AlN NWs.
The electrodes of the AlN NW devices were defined by e-beam lithography. Afterward the devices were annealed at 430C. We have successfully fabricated ohmic contacts with Ti/Al and Al and investigated the behavior of 1/f noise and Lorentzian-like noise at room temperature.
From the Arrhenius plot of the time constant associated with the Lorentzian noise we can obtain the activation energy, Ea, to be 541meV in the temperature from 300K to 275K with different bias at 0.3 nA and 1.5 nA.
其他識別: U0005-2208200723372400
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