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標題: 調控式平行相位還原法應用於相位形貌不連續之修正與研究
Improvement of adaptive parallel phase unwrapping algorithm with physical discontinuities
作者: 黃寶賜
Haung, Pao-Szu
關鍵字: Wrapped phase;包裹相位;Phase unwrapping(PhU);physical discontinuities;相位展開;形貌不連續
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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相位展開技術,常因雜訊及測量面有自身形貌不連續(physical discontinuities)等因素造成展開錯誤。調控式平行相位還原法,對於克服雜訊有一定的能力,但處理形貌不連續問題時,若未加額外限制,則會造成遮罩錯誤搬移,最後導致發散現象產生。本文藉由加入差值門檻上界的設定,以解決原先在展開過程中,遮罩判斷在不連續交界處的錯誤判斷;另外,利用調控式平行相位還原法的參數調控特性,選取適當的參數配對,適當的調高限制條件,能有效的克服雜訊所造成的不連續問題;針對了圖形邊界及不連續交界處的資料點數過少問題,提出以遮罩平移方式,修正資料點數不足所產生的錯誤判斷。加入上述修正後的調控式平行相位還原法,對形貌不連續且含雜訊之包裹相位的處理能力,有大幅的改善。

By ordinary, inconsistencies formed by noise and physical discontinuities cause phase unwrapping failure. Adaptive parallel phase unwrapping is noise-immune algorithm, but fail to unwrap with wrapped phase with physical discontinuities ,if has not added the extra restriction. In this research, by adding upper boundary of threshold, seems able to cut off the error interchange in the boundary of physical discontinuities. Moreover, this work proposed to circumvent the problem of phase inconsistency, by adjusting the parameters partially and conception of operation mask shifting.To use the foregoing conception makes adaptive parallel phase unwrapping fast, robust and noise-immune.
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