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標題: 立式綜合加工機結構最佳化設計
Optimum Design of Vertical Machining Center
作者: 王政斌
Wang, Cheng-Bin
關鍵字: optimum;最佳化;rib;topology;superelement;substructure;multiple configurations;補強肋;形勢;超元素;次結構;多種形狀
出版社: 機械工程學系
本文以改善現有立式綜合加工機的設計為研究主題,以床 台及立柱的加
強肋為設計變數,並同時考慮結構在六種形狀(六個加 工位置)下的靜動
態反應,以設計變數連結法對結構作最佳化設計 ,使所求得之最佳設計
結構同時滿足六種形狀下之束制條件,並使 其結構重量最小化。由於本
結構是屬於大型結構,在進行結構最佳 化時除了使用整機分析外,亦嘗
試使用超元素分析。 在對加強肋最佳化時,亦使用形勢最佳化(
topology optimization)的方法。以立柱與床台上原加強肋所在之空間
作 為結構形勢最佳化之設計空間,以三維元素求出結構之最佳補 強形
勢,在得到最佳補強形勢後,進行後處理以板元素取代三 維元素模擬補
強肋,然後再對這些板元素做尺寸最佳化,以得 到一最佳補強結構。
由最佳化所求得之結果得知,結構靜動態剛性都可提昇, 使用形勢最佳

This thesis discusses the modifications of vertical
machining center. The design variables are chosen to be the
ribs of column and workpiece table. The constraints are
imposed on static displacements and the fundamental natural
frequency at six different structural configurations
simultaneously. The design variable linking technique is used.
The optimum design problem pursues minimum weight of ribs
subjected to previously mentioned static and dynamic
constraints since the whole structure is large and complex ,
in addition to the usual structural analysis superelement
analysis is also tried . The topology optimization is
also used in the rib designs .The spaces which contain the
originally designed ribs are taken to be the design space for
topology optimization. Three dimensional solid elements are
filled in these design spaces .The topology optimization
generates rough topology of the ribs . The post processing
work replaces the rib topologies by plate elements and then
performs sizing optimization to find the optimum thickness of
the ribs. Based on the results obtained , both the static and
dynamic stiffnesses the structure are improved .The optimum
solution by topology optimization gives the best result .
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