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標題: Analysis and Simulation on Electrical Properties of Thin Film Transistors Under Mechanical Strain
作者: 吳易駿
Wu, Yi-Chun
關鍵字: thin-film transistors;薄膜電晶體;flexible display;strain-enhanced;可撓式;應變
出版社: 物理學系所
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This study focuses on the analysis and simulation on electrical properties of thin-film transistors under mechanical strain. In the first part, the electrical current change of the p-channel polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistors is analyzed experimentally and theoretically under various strain conditions. In the second part, by using atomic force microscopy measurements and the micro-Raman spectra of an amorphous silicon layer of the thin-film transistors on a flexible substrate, we are able to thoroughly observe the long-range and short-range disordered bonds of the amorphous silicon structure after bending cycles. The weak or broken bonds may contribute to the redistribution of the trap states, and lead to unstable electrical characteristics. At last, microcrystalline silicon thin-film transistors on flexible substrates under mechanical strains are studied. The conventional field-effect conductance method is adopted in order to extract the density-of-states of the microcrystalline silicon thin-film transistors. Deep level states and tail states, which are extracted by using the field-effect conductance method, display an obvious change under mechanical bending. The simulation results suggest that the change of the density-of-states degrades the performance of electrical property of the device.

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