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標題: 熵壘影響下的布朗傳輸性質─以隨機行走模型為探討對象
Properties of Brownian Transport Under the Effects of Entropy Barriers - Focused on a Random-Walk Model
作者: Wang, Cheng-Yen
關鍵字: Brownian motion;布朗運動;entropy barrier;entropic transport;random walk;熵壘;熵壘傳輸;隨機行走
出版社: 物理學系所
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It''s a known fact that driven Brownian transport through a geometrical landscape exhibits characteristic dependence of current and diffusion upon both temperature and a driving force as well as a remarkable existence of a scaling regime. From a different standpoint, this paper has investigated a neat random-walk model aiming at uniformly-driven transports under geometrical confinement and yet subject to discrete description. The results show that in this discrete modeling, some of those representative characteristcs of entropic transport retain while the others, such as scaling behavior, don''t. In addition, two characteristics are observed which do not exist in the continuous model: a reverse dependence of current on noise strengths, and the existence of mobility optimization.

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