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標題: 單一氮化鎵奈米線的歐姆接點製作及傳輸特性
作者: Liu, Chien-Lin
關鍵字: 氮化鎵奈米線
出版社: 物理學系
The main works in this thesis to explore how to pick up a single GaN nanowire from a cluster of GaN nanowires grown on Si substrate and measure the electric transport properities. Four GaN nanowire devices ranging from 45nm to 70nm in diameter were fabricated using electron-beam lithography and lift-off processes. Ti/Al electrodes were deposited on GaN nanowires and formed ohmic contacts after annealing in forming gas at 600℃ for 5min. According to its current-voltage(I-V) charaicteristic, we obtained the resistance value of the wire to be about 30 KΩ at room temperature. Lowering the temperature from 300K to 88K,the resistance of the wire increased from 22.6 KΩ to 196.8 KΩ. The activation energy of GaN nanowire was estimated to be about 0.06 eV by the temperature-resistance relationship.

研究生﹕劉建麟 指導教授﹕李明威
本實驗主要是利用奈米的製程技術,包括電子束微影術、原子力顯微鏡、掃描式電子顯微鏡等儀器及方法,將一團糾結在一起的氮化鎵奈米線分離出單一根氮化鎵奈米線,並對它做一連串有關電性上的量測。實驗中針對直徑約45nm,長度約3.4 μm的氮化鎵奈米線跨接兩電極做電性量測。由於金屬-半導體接面存在著蕭特基位障,故常溫下量測電流-電壓特性曲線呈現非線性結果,經熱退火合金化過程於600℃加熱5分鐘後可得一線性電流-電壓特性曲線而形成歐姆接面。計算求得氮化鎵奈米線電阻在常溫下約為30 KΩ,電阻率約為1.4×10-3 Ω-cm。隨著溫度由300K降至88K,電阻逐漸升高,由22.6 KΩ上升至196.8 KΩ並藉溫度與電阻變化的關係求出活化能(activation energy)約為0.06 eV。
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