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標題: C8051F120高性能微控制器於多感測器量測系統與三軸全向輪機器人控制之應用
Applications of High-Performance C8051F120 Microcontroller for a Multiple-Sensing Measurement System and an Omni-Directional Wheeled Robot Control
作者: 陳柏維
Chen, Bo-Wei
關鍵字: microcontroller-based system design;基於微控制器之系統設計;multiple-sensor measurement system;omni-directional wheeled robot;control software;多感測器量測系統;全向輪機器人控制系統;控制軟體
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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本論文將C8051F120微控制器應用於多感測器量測控制系統的設計和實現,以及應用於全向輪機器人的三軸同動控制。多感測器系統主要用於飛行器前、後油箱油量的量測,其中量測數據擷取部分,包括前油箱三支燃油探棒、後油箱三支燃油探棒、油箱溫度、電源電壓的量測,以及微控制器內建溫度感測器的溫度監測等,共有九個量測訊號,由Silicon Labs 公司的C8051F120微控制器內建的12位元類比轉數位(ADC)介面負責數據的擷取。數據擷取後再經微控制器運算得到當時前、後油箱的油量,並可即時顯示於電腦螢幕和一塊40*4字元的LCD上,以便即時監測。接著判斷前、後油箱的存量再輸出ON-OFF控制命令,控制供油幫浦是否要將後油箱(預備油箱)內的油傳至前油箱。而在三軸全向輪機器人上,C8051F120微控制器則根據平台三軸的期望軌跡,計算三個馬達的轉速命令,再透過微控制器內建二組十二位元的數位轉類比(DAC)介面和一個外接的十二位元DAC介面電路對伺服馬達驅動器輸入類比之速度控制電壓命令,以驅動全向輪機器人作適當的軌跡運動。

In this thesis, a C8051F120 microcontroller-based multiple-sensor measurement control system is designed and implemented. And an omni-directional wheeled robot control system using C8051F120 microcontroller is also considered. The multiple- sensor system is mainly used for an unmanned aerial vehicle's fuel-tank oil measurement. The C8051F120 is used to capture the nine analog measurement signals including six oil-probe signals, tank temperature, power source voltage and on-chip temperature sensor signals by its built-in 12-bit analog to digital converter (ADC) interface. To calculate the amounts of oil for the front and back tanks, respectively, three oil probes for each tank are considered to determine the oil plane equation and its intersection heights with the tank's four vertical edge lines. The oil volumes can be real-time displayed on the computer screen and the LCD. Based on the two tanks' amounts of oil, an algorithm is suggested to output the ON/OFF control command to switch on or off the pump motor either to transmit or not to transmit the oil from the back tank to the front tank. In the omni-directional wheeled robot control system, the C8051F120 is used to calculate the desired angular velocity trajectory commands of the three brushless DC motors to drive the robot platform. And the two on-chip 12-bit digital to analog converter (DAC) interfaces and one external augmented 12-bit DAC are combined to convert the three speed commands to analog voltages to feed into the three motor drivers. The built system can work well.
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