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標題: Characteristics of InGaN-based LEDs using In-doped ZnO transparent conductive layers
作者: 李俊緯
Li, Chun-Wei
關鍵字: IZO;銦鋅氧化物;InGaN;GaN;Indium-Zinc-Oxide;LED;氮化鎵;氮化銦鎵;藍光發光二極體;發光二極體
出版社: 物理學系所
The influence of Indium-doped zinc oxide (IZO) transparent conductive layer (TCL) on the device characteristics of an InGaN-based light emitting diode (LED) was investigated. IZO films having an optical transmittance as high as 90%, and a resistivity as low as 8.7×10-4Ω-cm was employed to serve as TCLs in InGaN-based LEDs in this study. Rapid thermal annealing (RTA) process was also carried to explore the influence of RTA treatment on the characteristics of the IZO film. It was found that the RTA treatment at 600℃ showed the best result of a forward voltage of 3.28 V at 20 mA, and the IZO on p-GaN contact showed ohmic mature with a specific contact resistance being 2.39 ×10-2Ω-cm2.

本論文探討原子層沉積之銦摻雜氧化鋅薄膜應用在氮化鎵發光二極體透明導電薄膜對氮化鎵元件特性之影響。研究將最佳之摻銦氧化鋅(最低電阻率及最高穿透率)應用於氮化鎵發光二極體之透明導電薄膜,所採用之摻銦氧化鋅薄膜之穿透率大於90%且電阻率低於 8.7×10-4Ω-cm。研究並利用快速退火(rapid thermal annealing ; RTA)系統在不同溫度下對鍍於氮化鎵發光二極體之摻銦氧化鋅透明導電模進行熱處理,以探討快速退火處理對銦摻雜氧化鋅物理特性之影響。研究結果發現使用600℃快速退火處理之發光二極體樣品在順向電流 20 mA 下之順向電壓為3.28 V,且摻雜銦之氧化鋅薄膜與p-型氮化鎵界面呈現歐姆接觸特性,其傳輸線模型特徵接觸電阻為2.39 ×10-2Ω-cm2
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