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標題: 脈動流流經週期性凹槽渦流結構之數值探討
Numerical Study of Vortex Structures in Pulsatile Flow through Periodically Grooved Channels
作者: 吳建村
Wu, Jiann Tsuen
關鍵字: Pulsatile Flow;脈動流;Induced Frequency;Transport Phenomenon;誘發頻率;輸送現象
出版社: 機械工程學系
場流線、u-v相圖及壁渦度梯度圖來分析流場的特性。 結果顯示,主

Vortex structure ,fluid mixing, mass and heat transfers
characteristics in pulsatile flow through periodically grooved
channels by numerical simulations are investigated at moderated
Reynolds number. Two parameters , period and amplitude , are
considered. A numerical scheme based on SIMPLE algorithm in this
study. The flow is assumed to be two dimensional and
incompressible. The inlet velocity is a uniform flow with
sinusoidal pulsatile. The Streamlines ,u-v phase diagrams and
wall vorticity gradient plot , The obtained results reveal
that a primary vortex grows up during the deceleration phase for
all conditions. At zero flow all vortices occupy the whole fluid
domain. Mixing, mass and heat transfer enhancement are due to
dynamic behavior of the vortex in the cavity. The factors of
effect depend strongly on period and amplitude. We also find
induced frequencies which is different from the pulsatile
frequency in spectrum analysis when the period is more than 5.0
seconds and the amplitude is more than 2.0.
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