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標題: 空調系統溫度控制研究
On the Temperature Control of Air Conditioning Systems
作者: 張釗洋
Chang, Chuan-Yang
關鍵字: 溫度控制;PID;內模控制;IMC
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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摘 要

空調箱(Air Handling Unit)系統在推導動態方程式中,常因許多假設條件簡化實際物理系統,無法很精準的建構數學模型,且實際的系統存在時間延遲問題,本文中主要目的為探討AHU系統,存在不確定參數及時間延遲控制問題,利用PID控制器時,對含有時間延遲的受控系統,會造成過衝量過大,且反應時間長,且在含有不確定參數時則無法穩定的控制系統,此時若能將模式誤差及時間延遲項所造成的問題,有效的解決,那問題就變得簡單了,本文中利用幅量相位的規範調諧IMC-Simth控制器,能有效解決AHU系統,在系統存在不確定參數時,也能有不錯反應時間且兼具強健性,且本文中所使用的參數調諧方法,理論及計算簡單,易於應用。


The AHU (Air Handling Unit)can't be established accurately mathematical model when executing dynamic program because many assumptions simplify real physical system and there are time delay problem existing. The exact mathematical dynamic model of the air handling unit in a air conditioning system can not be established because of many parameters are involved. The purpose of this reserch is to discuss the uncertain parameters and time delay controlled problems in the air AHU. When using PID with time delay controlled system, the overshoot is huge and response time is long. If there are uncertain parameters, the system is unstable. Alfernatively, we use amplitude-phase standard IMC-Smith controller to solve the above problems encurentered AHU system. It is found that even there exist some uncertain parameters in the system, the response time is fast and result is reliscle.
其他識別: U0005-2706200612595200
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