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標題: 超導體Y3Ba5Cu8O18奈米線的製備及物理性質的研究
The synthesis and characterization of Y3Ba5Cu8O18 nanowirs
作者: 施建州
shih, chien-chou
關鍵字: 奈米線;nanowirs;溶膠凝膠;Y3Ba5Cu8O18;sol-gel;Y3Ba5Cu8O18
出版社: 物理學系所
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We use AAO as a substrate of the growth of nanowires, and during the preparation, by using a different electrolyte, voltage and other parameters, we are able to control the size of the nanopores. In coordination with the sol-gel method we can prepare different scales of the Y3Ba5Cu8O18-δ, high-temperature superconducting nanowires. Use X-ray diffraction to study sample lattice structure of the powder on the outside of the film and we can estimate the a-axis, b-axis, and c-axis. Simultaneously we can use a SEM to shoot the surface morphology, followed by an EDX to confirm the elemental composition of the Y3Ba5Cu8O18-δ nanowire is correct, then a FESEM to observe the types of nanowires in the AAO film. Finally, using the SQUID measurement to measure the Y3Ba5Cu8O18-δ nanowire superconducting transition temperature, and compare the bulk with different scale nanowire superconducting transition temperature to calculate the sample coherence length m.
其他識別: U0005-1607201214555600
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