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標題: 單發式兆赫波波形量測儀之發展
Development of single-shot terahertz waveform analyzer
作者: 李睿恩
Li, Ruei-En
關鍵字: Terahertz;兆赫波;electro-optic sampling;single-shot;電光取樣法;單發式
出版社: 奈米科學研究所
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Terahertz radiation has become a very powerful source for non-invasive imaging and molecular spectroscopy. Generation and characterization of terahertz radiation source are therefore receiving great attention around the world. Electro-optic (EO) sampling has proved itself an efficient way to detect terahertz radiation, to overcome the fluctuation of the laser energy, single-shot detection is required.
In this thesis we developed a single-shot terahertz waveform analyzer which is based on the technique of EO sampling in cross-correlation geometry. In comparison to traditional scanning method, the single-shot measurement not only is free from the fluctuation of laser energy, but also save data acquisition time.
其他識別: U0005-0702201222341000
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