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標題: 具聚乙烯苯酚絕緣層非晶銦鎵鋅氧薄膜電晶體之低頻雜訊特性
Low-Frequency Noise of Amorphous Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide Thin-Film Transistors with Poly(4-vinylphenol) Insulating Layer
作者: 楊育森
Yang, Yu-Sen
關鍵字: 薄膜電晶體;Thin-Film Transistors;低頻雜訊;Low-Frequency Noise
出版社: 奈米科學研究所
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本實驗是針對以非晶銦鎵鋅氧化物(amorphous Indium- Gallium -Zinc-Oxide thin film transistors)為主動層及有機材料聚乙烯苯酚(PVP)為絕緣層之金屬氧化物半導體場效電晶體(MOSFET)量測其低頻雜訊特性。由於非晶銦鎵鋅氧化物對於光性以及水氣都非常敏感,所以在整個量測的過程中,元件都是放置在完全真空的暗室腔體中。
樣品的通道長寬比分別為500 μm/100 μm 與1000 μm/200 μm,在固定同一個VGS下,量測不同的VDS下之雜訊,隨著VDS增加,低頻雜訊也隨著VDS的增加而上升。我們實驗結果中SI對IDS作圖的斜率為1,與線性區域中雜訊行為的理論吻合;而我們實驗結果也與之吻合;以SI對(VGS-Vth)做圖時,斜率呈現一次方反比關係,則可以知道,閃爍雜訊是來自於遷移率的擾動(mobility fluctuation) 。在樣品照光後,當IDS=3×10-7 ~ 1×10-8 A區間時,在頻譜中可觀察到勞倫茲雜訊。

We investigated the low-frequency noise (LFN) of amorphous Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide thin film transistors (a-IGZO TFTs) with various channel width (W) and length (L). The W/L ratios of our samples are 500μm/100μm and 1000μm /200μm, respectively. We placed the device in a dark vacuum chamber during measurement. We found that a-IGZO TFTs exhibit not only 1/f noise but also the Lorentzian noise in some cases. At the same gate-source voltage (Vgs), the higher the drain-source voltage (Vds), the lager the magnitude of the 1/f noise, which increases as Vgs increases at the same Vds . The Lorentzian noise was found in the drain current range about 10-7~10-8 A. We also observed that the illumination has influences on the Lorentzian noise. This indicates that the trapping levels of the a-IGZO film can be affected by the light. The device is sensitive to the environment and becomes unstable for a long-term measurement.
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