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dc.contributor.advisorChuang Shu-Haoen_US
dc.contributor.authorHsang, Ching-Tonen_US
dc.description.abstract摘 要本文研究之目的,主要是探討高負荷熱水器之強制燃燒系統,在不 同一次空氣量及不同燄孔比下之各種性能測試分析。本實驗所使用的燃氣 為丙烷及丁烷。性能分析的項目包含高負荷熱水器之號數、二次壓力、燃 氣消耗量、熱效率、燃氣入熱量、過剩空氣比、空燃比等。同時比較觀察 燃燒時之燄色,並探討浮火、回火及黃端燄之形成原因。藉由廢氣分析儀 ,可瞭解廢氣排放情形,由此建立一套在各種火燄下與廢氣之系統分析。 實驗方法以CNS 3662號、CNS 13602號、CNS 13603號、CNS 13605號為標 準。由實驗結果顯示,在改變一次空氣方面:對丙烷燃氣而言,當一次空 氣為45%P2=190mm-H2O、λ=120.5%時,會有浮火的現象產生;而其廢氣 分析均在安全範圍內。對丁烷而言,在一次空氣為25%,P2=175mm-H2O、 λ=88%時,會有黃端燄產生,且其廢氣已超過CNS所規定的範圍內。在改 變燄孔比方面:發現隨保燄孔的增大,有助於火燄的穩定性。但在小火時 ,其黃端燄卻也隨保燄孔的增大而變多。丁烷的燄孔比在1:5.85, λ=74.5%、AF=54時,其廢氣己不符合CNS所規定之規範。 關 鍵 字: 高負荷熱水器、燄孔比、一次空氣、號數、二次壓。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractABSTRACT The purpose of this research is to explore and test its several qualities of burner of the high-load water heater under the different primary air and the different flame orifice ratio. It uses Propane and Butane as the experimental fuel of the water heater. It contains the degree of high-load water heater , secondary pressure , the consumable fuel , heat efficiency , input heat of fuel , excess air ratio , air-fuel ratio and so on . Also we can observe and compare the color of flame during its burn ing , and exploring the reason of Lifting Flame , Flash Back Flame and Yellow Tip. We can establish a system about all kinds of flame and exhaust by the exhausted analytical equipment. The results show that it will appear the Lifting Flame for Propane fuel when the primary air is 45% and P2=190mm-H2O , λ=120.5%. Its exhaust gases are located at all in the combustion range of safety . But for Butane , when the Yellow Tip appears at the 25% of the primary air and P2=175mm-H2O , λ=88% , the exhaus , the exhausted value does not satisfy the CNS requirement. In varing the flame orifice ratio , we can find the flame will get more stability with the increase of the protecting-flame orifice. But for the small flame , the phenomena of Yellow Tip will also obviously. Therefore , the exhausted gas is not adequate to the CNS requirement for the fuel of Butane when the flame orifice ratio of forcing burning is at 1:5.85 and λ=74.5% , AF=54Keyword : high-load water heater , flame orifice ratio , primary air , degree , secondary pressure.en_US
dc.subjectFlame orifice ratioen_US
dc.subjectPrimary airen_US
dc.titleExperimental Study on Force Burning System of High-Load Water Heateren_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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