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標題: 中共對美外交策略及對臺灣之影響
The diplomatic strategy of China toward USA and the influence on Taiwan
作者: 鄢藍妮
Yan, Lan-Ni
關鍵字: China's diplomacy;中共外交;Sino-US relation;diplomatic strategy;cross-strait relation;中美外交;外交策略;兩岸關係
出版社: 國際政治研究所

The military, politics and economy in China have made great progress after 30 years of the “reform and opening-up” policy implemented in 1978. China constructs the strategic thinking of peaceful rising after the 16th National Congress to associate with the international community extensively. China promotes “big country diplomacy” and “good-neighborliness diplomacy” to strengthen the relation with big country and maintain peaceful relation in the surrounding countries. Because of China's improving international status, China will most probably become a powerful country in the world and an economic giant in the future. China's peaceful rising undoubtedly impacts the super strong status of U.S.A. To understand how China and U.S.A. establish the relation of cooperation and competition through the diplomatic strategy and how U.S.A.'s cross-strait policy influence Taiwan are the main research motive of this text.
U.S.A. has had consistency on the cross-strait policy over the past 30 years. U.S.A. Adheres to the “One China” policy under the three Sino-US Joint Communiques and “Taiwan Relation Act”. The policy of U.S.A. toward China has been relying mainly on safeguarding its one's own interests all the time. How stabilize the regional peace of the Asian-Pacific area and maintain cross-strait balanced at present are U.S.A.'s biggest concern. In the face of the complicated US-China-Taiwan relations, the leaders of cross-strait should take steady measures and peaceful way to talk. China and Taiwan should abandon extreme ideology and action. Instead, the leaders of cross-strait should take practical methods and rational attitude to solve the cross-strait issue. By holding on the principle of “non-independent in Taiwan, non-infringement by China”, Taiwan and China can strengthen the cross-Strait exchange and cooperation for creating the situation of win-win.
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