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dc.contributor.advisorJau-Huai Luen_US
dc.contributor.authorFan, Zuu-Wuen_US
dc.description.abstract由於液化石油氣(LPG)燃料與現有的汽油燃料相較,具有較低污染的廢 氣的排放特性,政府環保單位已配合政令,開放與宣導使用LPG燃料作為 車用燃料,並補助一般小型營業車輛改用LPG燃料,以降低台灣都會區的 空氣污染量。一般探討LPG引擎對廢氣排放與性能的影響,主要是以汽車 引擎為主,本文則以機車引擎為主。本文以實驗方式,探討一般市售二行 程50 c.c. 機車引擎在改使用LPG燃料後對廢氣排放與性能的影響。在本 文中並討論壓縮比、點火提前角、空燃比與蒸發器溫度等參數對二行程 LPG機車引擎特性的影響。由於目前並無LPG機車專用套件,在本實驗中以 一汽車LPG套件加以改良,以配合實驗所需。由實驗結果顯示提高壓縮比 可以有效增加引擎的性能;在改變點火提前角實驗結果顯示,點火提前對 本實驗所用二行程機車引擎的性能提昇並無明顯的影響。在改變空燃比的 引擎操作參數上,由實驗結果顯示,空燃比對於引擎性能與廢氣排放具有 決定性的影響,較高的空燃比可使廢氣中的CO與HC的排放濃度降低;而過 高的空燃比,使引擎的扭力輸出降低。在蒸發器溫度改變;由實驗結果顯 示,蒸發器溫度對LPG引擎扭力輸出無明顯影響。在本實驗結果中顯示, 二行程機車引擎在改用LPG燃料後,HC的排放量還是相當的高,主要的原 因為二行程機車引擎的油氣短路。與原汽油引擎相較,LPG引擎的扭力 低20%-30%,主要的原因為本實驗的週邊硬體對LPG燃料系統的限制所造成 的影響。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractABSTRACTAs the LPG vehicles have lower emissions than the gasoline vehicles, the LPG vehicles have the potential to improve the metropolitan air pollution. In Taiwan, the pollution problem of motorbikes is more serious than that of automobiles. However, applications of LPG just are concentrated on automobiles only. The research of LPG motorbikes has not begun yet.This is a preliminary study on the LPG motorbike engine. Two studies were conducted in this project. The first one is to study the influence of engine design parameters and the fuel system design parameters on the power and exhaust emission of LPG motorbike engines. The LPG vaporizer temperature, the air-fuel ratio, the spark ignition timing, and the compression ratio were considered in this study. In the second part of study, the performance as well as the emission characteristics were compared with thResults of experiments show that increasing the compression ratio can improve the engine performance. However, the spark timing did not have significant effect on engine performance. In changing the A/F, the engine performance as well as the engine emissions were affected. As for the effect of vaporizer temperature, no conclusive results can be obtained.Results of measured data showed that the unburned hydrocarbon is still very high for the LPG engine. This is because the unburned HC is caused by the fuel short circuit, which can not be eliminated by changing fuel to LPG. Besides, the LPG engine output torque is 20-30﹪lower than that of gasoline engine. There are two reasons for the deficiency of engine torque. One is that the gaseous fuel would replace some of the volume of air such that in inlet air flow rate is reduced. The other reason is that theen_US
dc.subjectCompress ratioen_US
dc.subjectAir Fuel Ratioen_US
dc.titleMeasurements of the Performance and Emissions of LPG Two Stroke Motorbike Enginesen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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