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標題: 線繪圖影像自動化系統之研究
An automatic system for processing and interpreting line drawing images
作者: 黃瓊瑤
關鍵字: vectorization;向量化;line drawing images;image process;automation;線繪圖影像;影像處理;自動化
出版社: 應用數學系

We have designed and implemented an automatic system for processing and interpreting paper-based line drawing images. The system is composed of four key components: Preprocessing, Line Segmentation, Curve Segmentation, and Block Recognition. Processing an image includes removing noise and separating text from graphics. Line Segmentation includes thinning and converting graphics into line segments. Curve segmentation converts “short” line segments into arcs. Block recognition identifies polygons on the images. Problems and difficulties occurring at each stage were analyzed . Appropriate solutions were proposed and incorporated into our system design. By exercising many test cases on our system, we demonstrated that our approach is accurate and very reliable. Possible applications of our system include automation cadastral maps and engineering drawings.
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