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標題: 含內部模式之LQG/Hinf設計於一維聲管主動噪音控制之應用與控制實作
Internal-model Based LQG/Hinf Design of Active Noise Controllers for A One Dimensional Acoustic Duct System
作者: 羅子良
Luo, Zi-Liang
關鍵字: noise control;一維聲管;duct;internal model;robust control;uncertainty;噪音控制;內部模式;強韌控制
出版社: 機械工程學系
誤差,提出了含內部模式之LQG/Hinf 控制方法,並以 LQG+IM 控制器和
LQG/Hinf+IM 控制器的比較,說明 LQG/Hinf+IM 控制器改善了 LQG+IM
LQG/Hinf+IM 控制器能有效的降低聲管噪音量並且對音頻的變動確實有較

In this thesis, we study active noise control for a one-
dimensional acoustic duct system. A real-state-space model of an
acoustic duct system developed in [24] is used to design active
noise controllers and do computer simulation. A design method of
linear quadratic gaussian control with a performance bound
incorporating with an internal model principle (LQG/Hinf+IM) is
developed to design active noise controller to generate
repetitive control signal so that noise of specific (target)
frequency in the acoustic duct can be attenuated. Computer
simulation shows that the designed LQG/Hinf+IM controller can
achieve perfect noise rejection at the target frequency and can
acquire the desired robustness property of tolerating the
uncertainty in the target frequency. Experimental results also
demonstrate the robust control performance and indicate the
feasibility of the proposed designed method.
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