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標題: 含環狀補強開孔矩形平板的挫屈強度設計
Design for Buckling Strength of Ring-Doubler Reinforced Rectanguler Plates Containing a Circular Cutout
作者: 張家琪
Chang, Chia-chi
關鍵字: Buckling;環狀;Ring-Doubler;Reinforced;Cutout;補強;開孔;挫屈
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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矩形平板長寬比、開孔大小、環狀補強板寬度、厚度、邊界條件、負載形式…等。以MSC NASTRAN之挫屈分析模組為分析工具,建立含環狀補強開孔矩形平板挫屈強度影響因子圖表,若從結構設計手冊中查出未開孔平板的臨界挫屈應力,只要乘上本文建立圖表中的挫屈強度影響因子,即可求得含環狀補強開孔同一平板的臨界挫屈應力,便利結構設計時參考。
本文考量為結構輕量化,以最輕重量之含環狀補強開孔平板為最佳化設計目標,利用MSC NASTRAN之最佳化設計模組為工具,建立含環狀補強開孔矩形平板最佳化臨界挫屈應力圖表。只要知道負載大小以及矩形平板板厚,即可從圖表中查得對應於最輕重量之含環狀補強開孔平板的臨界挫屈應力,提供結構設計時參考。

Aircraft structure such as bulkhead webs, floor panels and the skin often consist of the many plate-like flat structures. In the design of these structural elements, the buckling strength is often the most critical factor to be considered. The plate structure having a hole cut out for the purpose of the installation of the wire's or pipe's system, usually needs reinforcement in the periphery of the hole in order to lower the working stress and increase the structure's stability.

In this thesis studies are carried out on the structural stability of the aluminum rectangular plate containing a ring-plate reinforced circular hole. Various parameters such as the length-widths ratios, hole dimensions, the dimensions and thickness of the reinforced plate, boundary condition and loading type are considered. The CAE analysis tool, MSC/NASTARN is used to design and create the charts of the buckling strength factor involving these parameters. Using the above buckling factor charts for plates with a reinforced hole and finding the buckling stress (e.g., extracted it from design manuals) for the same plate but with no hole on it, one can determine the critical buckling allowable stress of the plate with a ring-plate reinforced hole.

The optimization of the weight of the ring-plate reinforced rectangular plate containing a circular hole is also considered in the thesis. The optimization modulus of MSC/NASTRAN is utilized to create the design factor charts. By giving the plate's thickness and the external load, the optimal reinforced plate can be determined from the optimized design factor charts.
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