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標題: 以邏輯斯迴歸模式探討在微陣列資料上的多類別癌症分類
Multi-class Cancer Classification on Microarray Data by Logistic Regression Models
作者: 吳怡萱
吳怡萱, Yi-Xuan Wu
關鍵字: microarray;微陣列矩陣;multi-class classifier;logistic discrimination;misclassification;多重類別分類器;邏輯斯分群;誤歸率
出版社: 應用數學系所
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在此研究中,我們提出以名目尺度和順序尺度作為樣本分類的微陣列資料,應用基本邏輯斯區別分析( Logistic Discrimination (LD)) 方法來進行多重類別癌症的分類,例如,不同組織樣本的癌症亞型和癌症期別。以LD為基礎的分類器和以常態模型分群法為基礎的分類器作比較來分析微陣列資料,由誤歸率的評估來衡量其成效的好壞。

Microarray has been increasingly used in cancer research. Using expression levels of thousands of genes monitored simultaneously by microarray, tumors' molecular variations are distinguished, and cancers are more accurately classified. While statistical methods have been extensively evaluated for dichotomous classifications, there are only limited reports on the important issue of multi-class cancer classification. It needs to explore the statistical methods of the multi-class cancer classification.

In this research, we address multi-class cancer classifications by applying logistic discrimination (LD) based methods on microarray data of nominal and ordinal scaled sample class outcomes, e.g., tissue samples of different cancer subtypes and cancer stages. LD based classifiers are assessed by misclassification rates on microarray data and comparing with normal model discrimination based classifiers.
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