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標題: 利用共同向量法於地名之語音辨識
Using the Method of Common Vector to Speech Recognition for the Name of Cities
作者: 曾采蓮
Zeng, Cai-Lian
關鍵字: Speaker-Dependent;特定語者;Speech Recognition;Common Vector;Cepstral Coefficient;Zero-Crossing Rate;語音辨識;共同向量;倒頻譜係數;越零率
出版社: 應用數學系所
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Because the modern science and technology progress very much, and the rate of utilization of the computer is high for mankind, so we can improve the speed that the computer inputs the order, it is very convenient, and it is a kind of very good choice to regard speech as the inputting tool of the computer.
The paper discuss mainly speech recognition that 43 kinds of name of cities of Taiwan about “Speaker-Dependent”. First of all, the speech corpus is processed in advance and is found out the speech feature. To find the start-point and the end-point of the speech, we use the end-point detection that is the method of energy-measuring and zero-crossing rate. Find the speech feature is to find out the cepstral coefficient of the speech mainly. Finally, we use the method of common vector of K-means to recognize speech, and the total rate of speech recognition is 97.91%. It is very good to recognize speech. Therefore, we hope that the paper can be researched to the speech recognition about “Speaker-Independent” in the future.
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