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標題: 12吋晶圓廠AMHS懸吊系統之強度分析
The Analysis of the AMHS Hanging System for 300mm Wafer Fab
作者: 林皇銘
Lin, Huang-Ming
關鍵字: 自動物料搬運系統;AMHS
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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隨著晶圓進入12吋世代,25片裝的晶圓盒(FOUP)重量已達10公斤,人工搬運已無法再負荷,以及為了搬運的安全與效率,以及工廠佈置的空間考量,懸吊式的自動物料搬運系統AMHS (Automated Material Handling System)已成12吋晶圓廠必備的搬運系統。由於台灣地處於地震帶中,本研究以實例針對懸吊系統結構受地震力所產生影響加以分析,並提出補強方法,得到一安全穩固的懸吊系統。
經過補強後懸吊桿最大等效應力由458.062MPa下降到190.743MPa,低於材料容許應力;最大位移量由56.045mm下降至28.817 mm,減少為原來的一半;結構的最大軸向壓應力33.191MPa,低於材料的挫曲強度,證明整個懸吊系統是安全穩固的。

As the semi-conductor industry embraces into the 12 inch generation, a fully loaded 25 plate FOUP would weigh around 10kg. Therefore, manual labor in carrying these FOUP would no longer be sustainable. In considering the safety and efficiency of transportation as well as spatial consideration of the factory environment, the suspended Automated Material Handling System (AMHS) has become a necessity for 12 inch FAB transportation systems. Due to Taiwan been situated on an earthquake fault line, this research will focus on the physical analysis of the impact that an earthquake would have on an AMHS. The result of this analysis would provide enforcement methods to help ascertain a safe and robust AMHS.
The research would establish a connection of the suspended AMHS transportation belt from two 12 inch semi-conductor FAB. By applying ANSYS structure to the entire model and simulating earthquake forces accelerating in various directions, we would be able to analyze the entire structure and conditions of distortion and stress displacement. The results would show certain parts that are experiencing inadequate intensity levels and would be reinforced by suspensor rods to ascertain structural reinforcement.
After installing structural reinforcement, equivalent stress of suspensor rods have decreased from 458.062MPa to 190.743MPa, which is lower than the material stress capacity. The maximum shifting has decreased from 56.045mm to 28.817mm, which have decreased to half of the original. The maximum axis suppression stress is 33.191MPa, which is lower than the buckling intensity of the material. The above results have shown that suspended AMHS are safe and robust.
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