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標題: 高精度工具機熱誤差補償技術
Thermal Error Compensation Technology on A High Precision CNC
作者: 謝宗哲
Shieh, Fzong-Jei
關鍵字: Machine Tool;工具機;Thermal Error Compensation;Single Chip;熱誤差補償;單晶片
出版社: 機械工程學系
高。 本論文針對工具機熱誤差補償技術的一些問題進行研究分析,發
模型。使用Intel 8051單晶片發展熱誤差補償控制系統,透過工具機原點
漂移的方式進行加工中熱誤差即時補償。 實際切削實驗的結果顯示,
此補償系統可將主軸熱變形由60 um降至±10 um以內。

The factors that influence the machining accuracy of
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine tool mainly come from
the geometric errors and structural thermal deformation during
cutting. Hence, people pay attention to thermal error
compensation technology on a CNC machine tool recently.
Although real-time thermal error compensation techniques have
been successfully demonstrated in both research laboratories and
industrial sites, there are still some major barriers before
widespread application are possible such as optimal thermal
sensor placement, the long period time required to build the
thermal error model, and expensive. In this thesis, a stand-
alone hardware with INTEL 8051 single chipmicrocomputer is built
in for real-time thermal compensation technology. The face
milling cutter with indexable insert throw away tip is used to
create faster temperature rising than end miller. An IC type
digital thermometer is designed to detect the temperature
variation. These thermal errors of Z axis are measured on-line
by the touch trigger probe and a standard bar. A mathematical
model is then derived ,based on the sensed temperature variation
and the errors by multi-variable regression analysis. And
thermal error compensation command is send to CNC controller to
shift the zero point of the machine coordinate system in real-
time phase. The experimental results show that the technology
can successfully improve machining accuracy from 60 um to 10
um in real cutting condition.
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