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標題: 封口機變速傳動機構之模糊建模與控制
Fuzzy Modeling and Control for Varying-Speed Transmission Mechanism of a Sealer
作者: 柳永堂
Liu, Yung-Tang
關鍵字: Fuzzy Modeling and Control for;封口機變速傳動機構之模糊建模與控制
出版社: 機械工程學系

This thesis considers the fuzzy modeling and control for the
varying-speed transmission mechanism of a sealer. First the kinematics and inverse kinematics equations are derived via the geometry and vector loop method. After formulating the kinetic and potential energy expressions, dynamics model is derived using the Lagrange's equation. Traditional nonlinear control law based on the original complex nonlinear dynamics model will be computationally extensive. For simplicity, an analytical approximate T-S(Takagi-Sugeno) fuzzy model is constructed for the original system. Then, based on the parallel distributed compensation (PDC) principle, a simple T-S fuzzy controller is proposed. Furthermore, a T-S fuzzy friction compensation is also included. Finally, computer simulation results of a typical fixed-period continuous sealing operation are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the suggested control strategy.
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