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標題: 氣壓伺服定位系統之模糊I+PD控制
Fuzzy I+PD Control for Servo Pneumatic Positioning Systems
作者: 林誌誠
Lin, Chih-Chen
關鍵字: Stabilization Schemes;氣壓;Friction Compensation;PID;Fuzzy;I+PD;Pneumatic;Control;伺服控制;模糊;摩擦補償;穩定化
出版社: 機械工程學系
本論文建構一氣壓伺服定位系統,並探討其伺服控制問題,使用模糊邏輯線上調適I+PD控制器的三個參數,並結合摩擦力補償與穩定度增進策略。先依最佳阻尼設計原理並經實驗調整,選定I+PD控制的三個公稱參數值,再據以規劃設計模糊參數調整策略,以PC- based方式撰寫C語言控制軟體及設計簡單易用之人機介面,實現所提之氣壓伺服定位控制策略。實驗結果證明穩定度增進策略、摩擦力補償,以及模糊增益調整式I+PD控制,確能有效提昇控制系統之性能,使氣壓伺服定位系統兼具快速移動能力及較高定位精度。

This thesis considers the servo control design and implementation for a pneumatic positioning system. Fuzzy gain scheduling for the I+PD controller parameters, simple friction compensation and stabilization schemes are combined for enhancing the positioning performance. Based on the damping optimum design principle and tuned by real experiments, nominal values of the three parameters of the I +PD controller are determined, then the fuzzy gain scheduling scheme for the I+PD control is suggested. PC-based C control software and a user-friendly man-machine interface are constructed for implementing the servo pneumatic positioning system. Experimental results show that the fuzzy I+PD controller with the friction compensation and stabilization strategy can really enhance the performance of the control system. The suggested control strategy makes the servo pneumatic positioning system having faster move ability and higher positioning precision.
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