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標題: 陽極氧化鋁膜孔洞圖案化
Control porous pattern of anodic aluminum oxide
作者: 彭及聖
sheng, Peng jing
關鍵字: 陽極氧化鋁膜;AAO;圖案化
出版社: 機械工程學系

In this research, a series of anodic aluminum oxide fabrication experiments based on the aluminum foils laminate approach were carried out. During the experiments, we found that the pores of the AAO grew only on the upper foil, bi-directionally from both the top and the bottom surfaces.
Experimental results further indicate that the upward porous pattern of the upper foil is determined by the surface structure of the bottom surface of the upper foil. The porous pattern of AAO can be controlled by a pre-made pattern on the bottom surface. In addition, since the lower aluminum sheet attached to the bottom of the being anodized aluminum sheet acts as a barrier layer during anodization, no barrier removing process is required in this novel laminate approach.
The developed work in this study can be further applied to the fabrication of nanofunction devices.
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