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標題: 斜角脫層之研究
On the Oblique Delaminations
作者: 黃憲裕
Huang, Hsien-Yu
關鍵字: buckle;挫曲;delamination;oblique;脫層;斜角
出版社: 應用數學系所
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The bucking and nonlinear postbuckling analyses of a fully clamped, homogenous isotropic skew plates using Rayleigh-Ritz method with a set of nominal polynomial as trial function are presented. Numerical results based on polynomial expansions of various degrees have been examined. The proper choices of terms of the trial functions will obtain the lower bound solutions. These high-order Rayleigh-Ritz solutions have accurate solution as compared to the other existing solutions.The results suggest that higher degree polynomials should be used in the expansions of the displacements so as to allow adequate modeling of the non-uniformity of the deformation.

This set of higher degree polynomial is required to provide a reasonably accurate assessment of the delamination buckling and growth behavior. Reasonably accurate solutions for the membrane forces, the bending and twisting moments and the pointwise energy release rates generally require 72 or more unknown coefficients. Such refined postbuckling solutions show significant non-uniformity of the in-plane forces and strains and certain boundary effects characterized by concentration of the curvatures and the bending moment along the edge. These effects have important implications for the buckling and growth of delamination in laminated plates.

Based on the chosen set of higher degree polynomial, the buckling and the postbuckling deformations for anisotropic laminates are obtained. The thin-film delamination growth of delaminated laminates discussed. Buckling loads have been determined for different aspect ratios. It is observed that the effect of boundary conditions on the buckling load increases with increasing aspect ratio. The resultants for the force and moment resultants and for the pointwise energy-release rates show complex patterns of behavior, which depends on the orientation and the stacking sequence of the plies in the delamination and on the aspect ratio of the laminates.
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