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標題: 球面誤差模型於雷射位移探頭誤差補償之研究
A Study of Error Compensation for Laser Displacement Sensor by Spherical Error Model
作者: 盧怡廷
Lu, Yi-Ting
關鍵字: Alignment;校準;Laser Displacement Probe;Coordinate Measuring Machine;Error Analysis;雷射探頭;三次元量床;誤差分析
出版社: 機械工程學系

This paper proposes a novel technique of laser displacement probe alignment with the coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Measuring a pyramid artifact that resides at a specific location with the touch trigger probe and the laser displacement probe, the position and the orientation of the probe is calibrated by using the proposed techniques.
When laser displacement probe is used for profile measurement, the accuracy will be seriously affected by the gradient of the surface of an object. This paper presents a spherical error model to account for them. The parameters of this model are estimated by measuring a standard sphere and analyzing these data by means of nonlinear regression. The experimental results show that the model is satisfactory and the measurement errors after compensated are reduced dramatically. Because we do not consider the error of alignment procedure, we compensate error for measuring the pyramid artifact and acquire the new position and the new orientation of the probe. After that, we measure the standard sphere to obtain the spherical error model again.
There are two advantages in our approach compared with the calibration scheme by measuring an inclined plane. These advantages are to acquire error of any gradient more easily and to build the experiment setup more conveniently.
Finally, we measure a 3D free-form surface by the touch trigger probe and the laser displacement sensor respectively. The accuracy of the laser displacement sensor is verified with comparing the result of the measurement by each other.
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