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標題: 聲管主動噪音控制的三迴路設計
Triple-Loops Design of Active Noise Control for Acoustic Duct
作者: 呂聯豐
Lu, Lian-Feng
關鍵字: 主動噪音控制系統;Active Noise Control;頻譜整型控制器
出版社: 機械工程學系

This thesis uses a new secondary-path model of two inputs and two outputs for active noise control (ANC) design. This new model can take into account of the dynamic pressure coupling effect of an actuator loudspeaker and an acoustic field. A three-loops design method is then proposed and developed to reduce noise level in an acoustic duct. First, we design an inner spectrum-shaped controller to reduce the dynamic effect of the actuator loudspeaker. Secondly, we design an outer spectrum-shaped controller to reduce the dynamic effect of the whole secondary-path from the controlled loudspeaker to the error microphone and to achieve a preliminary noise reduction capability. Finally, we design an adaptive filter with the FX-LMS algorithm to achieve an improved or desired performance of noise reduction. Both computer simulations and experiments will be applied to validate our proposed design.
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