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標題: 調控式平行相位展開法參數自動搜尋並結合區塊接合技術進行形貌不連續相位圖之相位展開研究
Retrieving phase map with physical discontinuities by automatically adjusting the parameters of the "Adaptive Phase Unwrapping" algorithm
作者: 陳彥霖
Chen, Yan-Lin
關鍵字: adaptive phase unwrapping algorithm;調控式平行相位還原法;physical discontinuities;submap-stitching method;自身不連續面;區塊接合理論
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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此外亦考慮應用在量測物件具有自身不連續面( physical discontinuities )時,結合新式區塊接合理論,針對各區塊展開後結果去找出形貌不連續的分岔點位置,藉由曲線擬合修正區塊接合中部分區塊接合不完整的部分,使相位能更接近原始資訊。

In this research, we try to adjust the parameters of adaptive phase unwrapping algorithm automatically. Though the initial parameters are not correct, can still follow adaptability logic to find the correct parameters automatically and retrieval of the true phase field from wrapped format data.
Furthermore, phase map with physical discontinuities are also taken into consideration. We used adaptive phase unwrapping algorithm and submap-stitching method to find out fork location of the physical discontinuities from the result of unwrapped phase map. Using the curve fitting to modify the wrong stitching submaps can make the phase to unwrap successfully.
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