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標題: 複移動荷重之連續樑振動分析
Vibration analysis of the continuous beam with the multi-moving-loads
作者: 顏千智
Yan, Qian-Zhi
關鍵字: ladder track;梯型軌道;continuous beam;multi-moving-loads;acceleration;連續樑;複移動荷重;加速度
出版社: 應用數學系所
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Dynamic responses of the ladder track system subjected to moving train loads are investigated in this paper. The ladder track system is considered as a continuous beam rested on the visco-elastic foundation with evenly distributed spring and damper. The moving train loads are simplified as a combination of two-axle multi-moving-loads. The dynamics response of the ladder track system as continuous beam is simplified as a Euler-Bernoulli beam. Different responses of the continuous beam under various type of multi-moving-loads with constant acceleration are obtained by numerical analysis.
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