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標題: 結合相位展開前濾波及分支切割技術於相位圖形不連續線段之搜尋定位
Combination of phase unwrapping filtering with branch cut technology in searching of discontinuous phase map
作者: 張益瑜
Zhang, Yi-Yu
關鍵字: filtering;濾波;branch cut;regional unwrapping technique;分支切割;區域搬移技術
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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In this paper we discuss the characteristic and the concept of filtering first. Then after we utilize a simulation drawing with noise to use Sine-Cosine filtering,we use the adaptive parallel phase unwrapping algorithm that put forward in our laboratory once to come to narrow the jump area. When we have the jump map,we try to turn down jump map threshold value and use branch cut the technology to promote the integrality of the jump.Finally we ues the regional unwrapping technique to unwrap phase. This method not only unwrap fast but also get good result of phase unwrapping on simulation drawing with high noise.
其他識別: U0005-0908200716192500
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