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標題: 白光干涉於微型元件表面形貌量測之應用
Surface Profilometry of Micro Device with White Light Interferometry
作者: 凌維成
Ling, Wei-Cheng
關鍵字: white light interferometer;Array白光干涉儀 微型元件 表面形貌 相位移 相位還原 零階干涉條紋鑑定法;micro device;surface profile;phase shift;phase unwrap;zero order interference fringe identificat
出版社: 機械工程學系
本研究利用白光光源,並分別於兩干涉臂上搭配兩完全相同的顯微物鏡,架設一Linnik式白光干涉儀,以及利用Nikon的Mirau式干涉物鏡,架設Mirau式白光干涉儀。使用相位移干涉法,相位還原,零階干涉條紋鑑定法,來重建待測表面的表面形貌,由於在干涉臂上使用顯微物鏡,使得量測範圍及高度解析度可適於微型元件。本研究分別對表面光滑的平面鏡,三次元量床的標準球,具有高度差的不連續面進行量測,所得之結果相位移法可成功量測平面鏡和標準球等相鄰像素間高度差未超過限制( )的物體,而零階干涉條紋鑑定法則可以正確量測出超過相位移量測限制的不連續面。

This research uses white light illumination and two identical microscope objectives to build a Linnik interferometer and also use a objective which specially made for interferometer to build a Mirau interferometer., The surface profile of the sample can be reconstructed by phase shift interferometry, phase unwrap or zero order interference fringe identification. Because the usage of microscope objective, the measurement area and the height resolution are suitable for measuring micro devices.
In this research, a flat mirror, standard sphere and a step height have been measured. The phase shift interferometry successfully measured samples that under the height difference limit ( ), between two adjacent pixels, and the step height can be measured correctly by zero order interference fringe identification.
During the experiment, we found a phase shift which is not controlled by the interferometer has a long term influence of all our measurements. We found this phase shift correlates with the temperature. The phase shift caused by temperature will introduce measurement error and degrade the repeatability of the interferometer.
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